Our professional grade paints are FDA and EU compliant. Most can be removed by rubbing liquid soap concentrate or baby oil on the painted site and then rinsing with water. The artist will provide additional removal instructions as required. 

Air brush tattoo inks are also FDA and EU compliant and alcohol based that can be removed by rubbing alcohol or baby oil. If taken care of, the inks can last a few days, just don't rub the tattoo and pat dry!

Allergies are an increasing concern for many people. If you have never been painted before the artist will apply a small test swath on the back of the models hand. Models with an allergy or sensitivity to our product usually display a symptom (itching, reddening of the skin, etc) quickly, we use five minutes as our benchmark to determine if our service is right for you. If a model presents an allergy or sensitivity then we won't paint you and if pay-per-face will refund the customers money.

Illness is another significant concern. If a model has open sores or wounds the artist may recommend alternate sites to paint. If a model is visibly ill the artists can refuse to paint that model. We take hygiene seriously and do not desire to spread illness or risk contamination of our applicators. We will sanitize or use a new applicator (sponge, brush, etc) after each model and will not double dip a color when applying product to the same model.

Touch-ups are frequently requested especially for our younger models. An artist will provide touch-ups after consultation with the patron and only if time allows. The artist will make the determination to perform touch-ups on a case by case basis.