Green dragon on Thigh

Our business

We are a service provider to augment your party or function; from a child's birthday party to a large corporate event and everything in-between. Spice up your event with color and sparkles! Substitute with gore if that suites your functions theme.

Some terminology to help with communication:

  • Artist - the person providing the painting, henna or glitter applications. Our artists are the heart of our business and are excellent people-persons.
  • Model - the person getting the color treatment by the artist. Every model should leave with a smile having had a pleasant experience.
  • Customer - the person paying for the artist's time and talent. A customer could be the parent of a child model or the model themselves.
  • Patron - A patron contracts for an event where many models are to be painted. A large event could have multiple artists.
  • Line Handler - An employee that helps coordinate large events. The line judge manages the cue for each artist, handles money, assists artists as required and can answer questions about our business and how we can help your next function.
  • Tips - If allowed by the venue, each artist will have a tip jar were customers and a patron can show appreciation for a job well done. Tips are kept by the artists individually and are not part of contracted compensation.
  • Venue - the place or event where we are contracted to provide our service. A venue can be a private location for a closed event or a public place like a faire. Some public venues may require additional permitting, the cost of which will be included in the contract.
  • Application - Some effects require the use of one time use prosthetics that will be applied to the models skin.
  • Product - the paints, adhesives, glitter, applications, etc applied by the artist on the model. Product generally lasts several hours but with care, some products like tattoo ink or glitter tattoos can last a week or more depending on the product, environmental conditions and care the model takes. When wiping sweat patting rather than rubbing acts to preserve the artist's work.
  • Makeup Removal - liquid soap, liquid baby soap, and/ or baby oil rubbed on the painted area before rinsing with water will quickly remove most of our products. The Air brush paints also come off with LIQUID SOAP FIRST then add water since they are a hybrid paint. you can swim with the hybrid paints but sunscreen will take this paint off also! Detailed instructions will be provided by the artists to the customer or model if needed.
  • Contracts - We require a contract with a patron or venue to establish the expectations and compensation for our service. Pay for face events do not require a separate contract.
  • Photo Release - An artist may ask for permission to take a photo of a painted model and to use that photo as part of our promotions. We require a signed release form before taking the photo.
  • Tattoo Ink Removal- Tattoo Ink is alcohol based. Rubbing alcohol will remove the tattoo along with baby oil or oil based products.