Halloween 2017!

My favorite holiday is here, let the creatures assemble for a fun filled evening.

Welcome 2017

After a hiatus to move and some personal time roaring into the new year. We started off the year painting at the Duke home game vs UNC. We've been contracted to paint the Florida Strawberry Festival in Mar, the Festival of Legends in Apr, the Apex, Peak City Pig Fest in June and the SC State Fair in Oct. We work with other Raleigh area artists to make larger events happen. 

If you need a face or body artist, creature effects or help with your COSPLAY custom drop us a note for details. We are the only area company providing airbrush water resistant paints to make your pool party or swim meet memorable. We also offer a full line of black light activated paints to spice up an evening gathering.

Been painting around town!

Custom Creature Creations has been painting around town. We just did Peak City Pig Fest in Apex this weekend and Slide the City on June 11,2016! Fun Stuff. We have Repticon at the Fairgrounds July 2nd and 3rd, come and get your paint on!!!

Body Painting

Working on designs for a body paint coming up. Will have to post pictures when we are in the process and finished project.

Halloween my favorite time of year.

Of all the holidays Halloween is my favorite: zombies, creatures and some of the most technically challenging and rewarding work I do. From fairies to gore, I find it fun to create.

About me: I've been painting for a few years before deciding to make it a profession after much urging by clients. I painted while stationed overseas. My love for paints started long before that during high school and college drama. What I thought was cool was creating something that few people are in real life, the creature. That started me down the painting and special effects (FX) road. My love for this has only grown. I love to see the reveal moments on my clients faces when they see what they have become. A princes fairy or a demon or an accident victim, are some of the many things I have done. Last year I was lucky enough to help the local high school musical of Beauty and the Beast and that was pure joy. I had fun with that job creating creatures and characters. Halloween is usually my busiest time. Last year I turned people into zombies, garden fairies and many things in-between.